50 gift tags with the following sayings along with gift ideas:

“You’re the bomb” 

“I like hanging out with you”

“I’m bananas for you” 

“You are one of a kind”

“You pull at my heart!” 

“I think you are purrr-fect!” 

“I’m stuck on you!” or “Let’s stick together!”

“No bones about it you are top dog”

“It is ‘ruff’ when you are not around”

“You wrote the book on being cool!”

“I dig you!” – Package treats with a small plastic shovel.

“I am ‘TOADally’ yours”

“You are a keeper”

“You rev me up”

“I am hog wild for you” 

“You ‘moo-ve’ me!”

“I would ‘quack’ up without you”

“You blow me away”

“You are the apple of my eye” 

“You really measure up”

“I’d SNAP at the chance to be your Valentine”

“You are the highlight of my life”  

“You are o’fish’ally awesome”

“You are a winner” 

“I am stuck on you” 

“I am stuck on you”

“You are EXTRA special to me”

“You are out of this world!” 

“I have my eye on you” 

“I am buggy for you!”

“You are a cut above the rest!”

“You melt my heart” 

“You mean the world to me” 

“I think you’re aMAZINGing” 

“You are the icing on the cake” 

“You rate sky high with me”

“You take the cake” 

“You make my heart bounce”

“I ‘wheelie’ like you!”  

“I am fortunate to have you” 

“I like the way you roll” 

“I have a CRUSH on you” 

“You are ‘SUMbody’ special!”

“You are just ‘write’ for me!”

“My heart ‘beats’ for you!”

‘Donut’ you know I love you!

“Our love was ‘mint’ to be”

“You rock!”

“You are as cute as a button!”

“You are a hottie”

 ” I am MAD about you “

“I’d always pick you”

“I  treasure  your friendship”