finals care package

See it put together here.

You receive the following tags:

  1. You have learned all the pieces now put them together (Reece’s Pieces)
  2. Don’t let the tests drive you bananas (Banana or Banana Laffy Taffy)
  3. It’s CRUNCH time show what you know! (Crunch Bar)
  4. You are one smart cookie (Cookies)
  5. You’re no airhead! Good Luck (Airhead candy)
  6. Use your smarties on the test! (Smarties)
  7. 100% (Skor bar)
  8. Blow your tests out of the water! (Blow Pop)
  9. You rock! (Pop Rocks)
  10. Rock your tests (Pop Rocks)
  11. You are on a roll! Keep up the good work. (Rolo)
  12. You have this in the bag! (Small Bag of Chips)
  13. Time to show off MOUNDS of learning. (Mounds Bar)
  14. Kiss your jitters goodbye! (Hershey Kisses)
  15. The answers will POP into your head. (Microwave popcorn)
  16. Keep your mind fresh and crisp (Apple)
  17. Make sure you ‘CHEX’ your work (Chex Mix)
  18. Your EXTRA work is about to pay off! (Extra Gum)
  19. Testing has o’fish’ally started. (Goldfish Crackers, Swedish Fish)
  20. Work hard and raise the bar! (Granola Bar, Nutrition Bar Candy Bar)
  21. Don’t worry you will do M&M magnificent and marvelous (M&Ms)
  22. Work hard NOW and play LATER (Now and Later Candy)
  23. Stick with your strategies! (Cheese Stick, Slim Jim type item in a stick, gum)
  24. Donut worry you have this! (Donuts)
  25. Stay sharp and do your best! (Pencils, Sharpies)
  26. A little encourageMINT for you. (Anything mint flavored)
  27. You are bursting with knowledge! (Starburst)
  28. You are red hot! Show what you got! (Hot Tamales, Red Hots, Hot Cheetos)
  29. Pencils are #2 because you are number #1 (pencils)
  30. CHEWS your answers carefully! (Chews candy)
  31. Put your best foot forward. (Fruit by the Foot, Cozy Socks)
  32. Just a note to say you’ll do great! (post-it notes)
  33. #EAT SLEEP STUDY words stacked on each other (Gift card to a favorite restaurant, Sleep Mask)
  34. You’re on the right trail! (Trail mix)
  35. Hoping finals are ‘BEAR’able! (Gummy Bears)
  36. Stick with it and never give up (Gum, Post-it Notes, Pretzel sticks)
  37. Erase your fears, you’re doing great! (Eraser)
  38. You’re a star (Starbucks gift card, Starbursts)
  39. Beef up your study habits! (Beef Jerky)
  40. You’re Sharp! (Pencils, Sharpies)
  41. You’re ‘Scent’sational! (Essential Oils, Room Spray, Candle)
  42. You deserve a break! (KitKat Candy Bar)
  43. Here’s the SCOOP! You’re amazing. (Ice Cream Gift Card)
  44. RELAX (Stress ball)
  45. Treat Yourself (Favorite treat, Gift Card)
  46. Just add water (Flavored Water Powder)
  47. You’re on fire! (Hot Cheetos, Something Spicy)
  48. Acing the tests will be a treat! (Rice Krispie Treat)

Large Stickers
  • Packed With Love
  • You Got This!
  • Finals Survival Kit!
Small Candy Bar Cover Covers
  • Good luck Crunch the exams

Large Candy Bar Cover

  • Good Luck

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